Venzor Specialty is a family. We have been working in the construction business ever since we were old enough to work. We have learned a lot of lessons through our years of accumulated experience. We are still learning new things everyday. Thats why we get do things right the first and only time.


We dont just put the paint on the wall, we make sure it stays there long after we leave the project. It begins before the paint even touches the surface

  • Selecting the correct product
  • Proper preparation techniques
  • Proper application techniques

We have a thorough understanding of construction that allows us to plan your project and make sure it is completed properly.


We have a simple way of thinking

  • !No subcontracting your project
  • You hire us, we do the work
  • Dont take shortcuts
  • Take the time necessary
  • Do things in order
  • Do things right
  • Honor estimates
  • Dont knickel and dime

Free estimates

We wont charge you a dime for your time!

Even if you are still in the very early stage of your project or just want a splash of color. Call us first and we can give a free no obligation estimate and informarm you so that your project will be sucessful.

Venzor Specialty Team

Nick Venzor


Allith Galaviz



Laura Mejia